Along with the traditional technological projects for the food, chemical and energy industries, the most common projects implemented by ZVU STROJÍRNY include the manufacture of special high-pressure, heat-stressed and cooled containers, MRI magnet bodies (GE products), vulcanization boilers, centrifuges for special use and heavy steel structures.

The complete service provided for the construction of technological lines and units by ZVU STROJÍRNY also includes assistance and cooperation with the investor in fi nancing. The company actively cooperates with Czech governmental institutions promoting export through EGAP and the Czech Export Bank. The fi nancial services are also complemented by a wide range of services provided by other banks and fi nancial institutions.

The company has qualifi ed personnel working directly in the fi eld and territory of the investor and their territorial knowledge is then used in the preparation of a complete technological project. Finally, ZVU STROJÍRNY also provides complete supplies of turnkey production facilities.