SAFICHEM GROUP is a leading industrial group of companies focused on a selected variety of uniquely interconnected, high added value, business areas: EPC engineering in the chemical and petrochemical industries, Water engineering, Mechanical engineering manufacturing, Pharmaceutical industry, Renewable sources and Real estate. SAFICHEM GROUP AG is based in Zurich, Switzerland. The Group’s companies have an international reach and altogether directly employ over 1,400 highly-skilled workers. SAFICHEM GROUP companies create a unique network of synergetic relationships, not only in terms of cost savings and commercial activities, but more importantly of technological development, complex processes know-how, and research and development. The depth and magnitude of these synergies allow the Group to maintain within its core business areas a significant competitive advantage over other market participants.


Chemoprojekt, a.s. has been an engineering and contracting company acting since its foundation in 1950 as a leading supplier for the organic and inorganic chemistry sector, petrochemistry, crude oil refining, natural gas processing, pulp and paper production, power generation, water treatment and environmental protection.


PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY, a.s. specializes in products made from premium stainless materials and copper. The company delivers complex technological and process units for food-processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and agriculture. Its traditional products include breweries, mini breweries, industrial distilleries, fruit distilleries and cooling equipment.


TECHNOEXPORT, a.s. (joint– stock company) is an important contracting company in export of complete plants, technological lines, equipment and spare parts, operating successfully on foreign as well as domestic markets for over half a century. In addition to these activities, the company also provides comprehensive services as a part of turnkey projects, including the engineering, management, procurement, construction, international transport of project cargo to construction sites, supervision and technical assistance during assembly and start-up operations, warranty and after - sale services.


The company VUAB Pharma Inc. is a traditional Czech manufacturer in the field of pharmacy. The current orientation of our society can be divided into three areas: first, it is the area of ​​biotechnology, which is subject to the production of the active substance Nystatin, which is intended for both human and veterinary use. The second area is the manufacture of finished dosage forms. Portfolio comprises production of dry injections, which are used primarily in hospitals for acute operations. Since 2004 we develop our Brno branch of an extensive project development and production of oncological intermediates, APIs and finished dosage forms intended for oncological diseases. An integral part of the NGS. In the context of improving the environment, we have developed technology for recycling of products containing platinum (disposal of expired medicines, API and intermediates.


ZVU STROJÍRNY, a.s. produces equipment for chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries, for classic as well as nuclear power stations and related disciplines. The company manufactures and delivers complete technological equipment for breweries and sugar refineries and provides all other activities leading to a turnkey deliveries.


DUKLA STROJÍRNY. s.r.o. specializes in the traditional production of boilers and related equipment for boiler plants. The company delivers boiler units in various designs from the output of 240 kg/h to 240 t/h for combustion of lignite, black coal, natural gas, coal gas, heavy and light oils, as well as industrial, hospital and municipal waste.