With its manufacturing and technological means and qualifi cations, ZVU STROJÍRNY also operates in the energy industry. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of equipment made of steel, stainless steel and titanium.

All technical parameters as well as coating, for example, meet the requirements for energy industry equipment.

The technical and production facilities of the company enable it to design and produce heat transfer devices up to 300 tons with a heat transfer area of 14,000 m2. Customers are companies from conventional and nuclear power industries which ZVU STROJÍRNY provides with a wide range of products from capacitors to special tube bundles, boilers, heat exchangers, pressure and non-pressure vessels, fi lters, centrifuges and special vessels with agitators.

They are designed primarily for condensation, regeneration and storage of operating media, including the storage of spent nuclear fuel.

The company also offers fl ues, mills, ash handling units and absorbers for thermal power plants. As regards environmental programmes, the offer also includes stationary parts of wind turbines.

ZVU STROJÍRNY supplies equipment for the energy industry throughout Europe while expanding its business activities to Southeast Asia, America and Africa.