Dispatch of an overpressure tank to the Radegast Nošovice Brewery

We successfully shipped BBT "double decker" - a twin pressurized beer tank to the Radegast brewery in Nošovice on Monday, June 10, 2019. The BBT could not be overlooked on the road because of their size. The volume of the lower tank is 2000hl, the volume of the upper one is 700hl. Inner diameter of tanks is 4000mm, outer diameter incl. insulation is 4300mm. The total length of the tank is 30.5 meters. The BBT tank complements the original delivery of 4 pieces of the same size of overpressure tanks from 1994. Together with the delivery of 2 pcs of overpressure tanks of 700hl volume to the Šariš brewery in Slovakia, this delivery is for ZVU STROJÍRNY, a.s. important in cooperation with the multinational brewing group ASAHI.