Sending a container to Belorus

V-601 AMINOX CONTAINER leaves ZVU STROJÍRNY, a.s. Hradec Králové on Friday, March 17th, 2017. It is a cylindrical laying down vessel with an internal diameter of 5.2m, length about 22m, width and height approx. 6m. The container itself weighs 105 tons, and its capacity is 420 m3.

From Mělník, the container will run the river Elbe to Hamburg, from where it will lead its way to Lithuania to the port of Klaipeda, where it will be transferred and will continue on the road to a customer, a Belarusian chemical-technological company. Transport of the product from Hradec Králové to Belarus will take about one month.

This container is the only part of this contract. However, by the end of 2017, another oversized product should be dispatched to the same customer. These are two sets of two products + 1 exchanger units that are designed for the same project as the V-601 container.

The Belarusian company is one of our key customers, we supplied various tubular bundles for heat exchangers and smaller tanks in the past. And last year we dispatched K-351N column (diameter approx. 4m, length approx. 41m), which was assembled on assembly during device shutdown.