We are an established Czech company with a tradition of engineering production more than 145 years. We can realize demanding equipment for chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry, eneŕgetics, ecological systems and biotechnologies thanks to balanced construction, design and production capacities. We belong to leading European producers with the sphere of action all around the world.

We are focusing on the treatment of standard carbon & stainless steels; alloy & special steels including clad materials. We keep at our disposal complete metallurgical laboratory, radiographic and ultrasound centers and heat treatment.



Chairman of the Board
Ing. Tomáš Plachý, MBA
Vice Chairman
Mgr. Martin Hájek
Member of the Board
Ing. Miroslav Wališ
Member of the Supervisory Board
Mgr. Jakub Málek
Chief Executive Officer
Ing. Lumír Al-Dabagh
Chief Financial Officer
Ing. Josef Hejl
Sales director food processing sector
Ing. Martin Kovář
Sales director Chemical, Petrochemical and Power sector
Ing. Vladimír Hudousek
Production Manager
Pavel Částka
Head of Technical Department
Ing. Jan Schloger
Purchasing and Logistics Manager
Mgr. Jan Zajíček
Head of the Department of Quality Management
Miroslav Všetečka